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Myth Division history, present and vision for the future

At Myth Division, we are more than a multi-platform entertainment company. The first time I set out to build an entertainment company that could better serve storytellers, world builders and their audiences, I had only scratched the surface of the true power that advancements in technology had to drastically reshape the Hollywood entertainment model. 

The rise of big budget franchise blockbusters and slow death of new, pure cinematic auteurs have contributed to a system that devours its talent and recycles IP like a food factory that replaces the creative magic of artistic vision with the formulaic repackaging of the same worn out stories.

As a storyteller, comic collector and natural innovator dedicated to crafting immersive narratives that span across comics, games, animation, and Web 3, I have built Myth Division to specialize in the architecture of captivating, entertaining experiences that merge the physical and digital realms. My goal is to serve the ultimate fandom collector, who like me enjoyed creating fan fiction early in the “aspiring” years of my career. I’ve always seen fan fiction as the biggest missed opportunity for scaling brands besides Star Wars, which encouraged and rewarded competitive fan films. That’s why we aim to satisfy the itch that collectors love to scratch, while enabling fan-owned characters to be a part of the main canon lore of our stories! 

By also offering gamified, personal and collectible story experiences for our diverse audience, we hope to set a new bar for the creation, consumption and monetization of branded genre storytelling.

We bring the quality of the biggest franchises to our community with top tier talent from MARVEL, RIOT Games, Blizzard, DC Comics, EA Games, Warner Brothers, and more, while developing and packaging our IP for film and television projects. Part of our plan includes audience participation that can elevate the personalized and customized experiences we are already providing our holders in the NFT community. Blockchain technology has allowed us to revolutionize licensing, scaling, and financing already, so we can’t wait to continue innovating in gaming and more. 

Our multi-verse nexus headquarters serves as a central hub where our Holders, dubbed Special Agents, meticulously maintain the continuity and cohesion of vibrant fictional story worlds. Like the threads of different timelines, we make sure villains stay in their appropriate stories, the heroes are always victorious in the end, and that order is maintained in the Metaverse. 

As active members of the Web3 and Hollywood communities, we foster strong relationships with creators, collectors, producers and partners providing a collaborative platform to explore, develop, and contribute to the expansive and fantastic worlds of Myth Division.So, thanks for exploring our site. I invite you to join me in revolutionizing how big blockbuster franchises are developed, packaged, & distributed using the power of blockchain. If you’re a storyteller, a collector, or an entertainment company looking for new ways to engage all of the above, you’re invited.

You can join the ranks of the Agency, as we explore the metaverse and build and scale story worlds by breaking through the limits of the last century’s outdated entertainment models. 

Ramon Govea CEO & Chief Creative MYTH DIVISION