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Story Worlds

Select any of the following Story Portals to explore a different world through comics, animation, games, digital collectibles, physical merchandise and more coming soon.

American ape story portal

With no memory before escaping a burning lab through a strange portal, American Ape lands in Orangurock, guided only by a BAYC hat. Mistaken identity turns lethal, as he's hunted in a city where everyone wants him dead.

Boom Queens story portal

Three hardened hover bikers earn a reputation and high bounties traveling across a post-WWIII America in search of war criminals, remnants of the 4th Reich, and their trafficking collaborators.

Menagerie story portal

When an elite team of Search and Rescue Space Marines are sent to save an imprisoned group of the Galaxy's smartest people, a mutiny leads to a harrowing escape to an unexplored region of space, where a new colony must thrive or die.

Starseed Memoir story portal

When the Phoenix Tongue is wounded in battle, a fight for control of the ten realms begins and the fate of an entire kingdom rests on a group of young magic users in a land where magic is illegal.

Acd Story portal

In a future world where war has been replaced by gaming and XP is currency, Tess a jaded pro-gamer is forced to decide between her tournament rankings and finding her missing friend.

Electric sins story portal

A young, hardworking bio-farmer, Adan braves a high-tech dystopia to rescue his sister, uncovering a world of hidden dangers and harsh truths.

Waifu warriors story portal

Summoned from diverse realms, 2,800 elite warrior women now converge to safeguard their intertwined destinies, battling for honor and survival.

Midnight's passage story portal

Set sail with Captain Midnight Blue aboard a haunting old pirate ship in 'Midnight's Passage.' A ghostly journey to Shangorillah, full of treasures, mysteries, & blockchain gaming adventures.