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Welcome to the Myth Division Library, the grand archive where legends dwell and story worlds come alive on the page. Here, every dim corner hides tales of heroes, magic, adventure, and intrigue, inviting you to explore the depths of our richly crafted fictional worlds. Delve into the documented details of lore and legend, each book a gateway to another realm. This is more than just a library—it's a treasure trove of imagination, a place where every book holds an entire universe of characters waiting to be discovered.

American ape story portal

An Ape wakes up in a burning lab, puts on a strange outfit and escapes into a portal, hoping to regain his memory and find his way home. It's not looking good...

American ape library
Boom Queens story portal

After the end of WWIII, three vigilante hover bikers take bounties, hunting down hidden war criminals from the 4th Reich.

Boom Queens Library
Menagerie story portal

When elite space marines rescue a group of the smartest people in the galaxy, things go sideways during a mutiny. They crash land on a strange planet, and all that's left is survival.

American ape story portal
Acd Story portal

Set in a world where XP in currency and gaming has replaced war, a professional gamer much decide between her tournament rankings and a missing friend.

American ape story portal
Starseed Memoir story portal

Ages ago, ten ancient animal bloodlines struggled for control over an advanced civilization. This is the tale of how magic nearly died.

American ape story portal
Waifu warriors story portal

Only the fiercest warrior women have been summoned from their Homeworld to protect the fabric of their intertwined destinies.

American ape story portal
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