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Our flagship series and the longest running blockchain-native comic book series in history, American Ape is being adapted for animated series. In partnership with the Apecoin DAO Foundation, Myth Division is producing a pilot based on this short proof of concept, with a legendary animation team that has boasted credits on top animated series for Warner Bros, Nickelodeon, HBOMax, RIOT Games, Blizzard Games and more!

With a diverse range of projects in the pipeline for film and television, Myth Division occasionally joins forces with forward-thinking entities in the entertainment industry, one of which is IP3. Our Founder, CEO, and Chief Creative Officer, Ramon Govea, with his unique blend of traditional media expertise and an innovative approach towards integrating blockchain technologies, finds a resonance with the ethos of IP3. Spearheaded by David and Michael Uslan, IP3 embodies a blend of classical storytelling finesse and modern technological acumen. Our collaboration on select ventures, such as the animated pilot for American Ape, showcases a meld of creative and technical ingenuity, reflecting a shared vision for pioneering storytelling in the digital age. While our partnership with IP3 is one of many collaborative endeavors, it highlights Myth Division's commitment to engaging with like-minded industry players to explore new horizons in the ever-evolving entertainment landscape.


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